P.D.CAM is a Thermography, infrared camera. This thermal Camera manage the risk of Corona Virus, nosocomial infections, influenza and other pandemics.Very small but very effective.

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thermal camera,infection, for infectious disease

Here is P.D.CAM Panflet
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Thermal Imaging Camera

We developed a tiny Thermal Imaging Camera, we call it P.D.CAM.
We are proud of this Thermal Camera's AI function that can detect suspected person with fever immediately.
Therefore, we believe that P.D.CAM will help protect people from infection diseases at a variety of facilities, including medical institutions, kindergartens, nursing homes, hotel receptions and lobbies.

 This is our You Tube site that introduces our innovative thermal camera P.D.CAM released by Try and E Co., Ltd.

Of course, we believe it will help protect people from the risk of infection diseases at airports and make travel safer.

P.D.CAM provides for everybody can live safety.
For employees safety. For customers relief.
To provide for everyone get medical treatment in hospitals safely.
Day-care centers or kindergartens provide better service for working women to leave their kids safely.

About Us

thermal camera, infection, for infectious disease

Try and E Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company. We are not only importer and manufuctures, but also conducts research and development.

We import and manufucture high quality healthcare, and medical equipment. Primarily, we provide fingertip pulse oximeters, handheld pulse oximeters.
More or Oxygen concentrators and other oxygen-related devices.

Futher we developed a tiny Thermal Imaging Camera named PDCAM with an AI function.
PDCAM can immediately detect suspected person with fever at airports, hospital, kindergartens and other schools and so on.
Absolutly we believe it could contribute to a society where people can live safely.

All our company's members will continue to strive for the health of all people.

Pulxy EC100 Series


Pulxy, Pulxy plus and MyCare OX are our brand name of fingertip pulse oximeter that are portable non-invasive device for measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) at home and in hospitals including physicians, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care and so on.
It can provides spot checks for kids and adults.

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DryLimb is a waterproof Bathing Cast Protector we've developed to help bathing patients with casts and bandages.
DryLImb is made from materials that are superior water proof, weather proof and safety.

Oxygen-Related Devices

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Oxygen's been said to be effective for beauty, health, stress relief, and early recovery of physical fitness.
Our oxygen-related devices is widely used from individuals to veterinary hospitals, sports facilities, beauty salons, relaxation facilities and manipulative clinics

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By using bluetooth, abundant functions can be used in cooperation with Android and iOS softwares.

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Company Profile

Try and E Co., Ltd.

Company Name Try and E Co., Ltd.
Established In July, 2012
Office 1716 Kusakabe Dojo-cho Kita-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 651-1505, Japan
President and CEO Takahiro Fujii
Main Business Activities Import, Manufacture and sales of medical and healthcare devices
Licence Medical device manufacturing registration certificate: 28BZ200107
(Medical Equipment) Manufacturing and Selling Business License: 28B2X10019