Thermography, infrared camera. PDCAM is a thermal Camera manage the risk of Corona Virus, nosocomial infections, influenza and other pandemics.Very small but very effective.

What's P.D.C Viewer

P.D.C Viewer has three image display mode.
One is a thermal image and natural image, the other is a thermal image and contour image, and the other is a thermal image.

 thermal and naturalthermography, infrared camera, thermal cameraUsing the thermal image sensor and visible camera built into P.D.CAM, a thermal image and a natural image can be shot at the same time.  thermal and edgethermography, infrared camera, thermal camera

Because the thermal image and the natural image are overlap, the edge of the human body and the shape of the object can be clearly distinguished.

 thermalthermography, infrared camera, thermal camera

The software is equipped with an alert function, and when a temperature higher than the reference temperature is detected in the thermal image being taken, it automatically notifies both sound and visual detection of heat.

 This is our You Tube site that introduces our innovative thermal camera P.D.CAM released by Try and E Co., Ltd.

High Performance
Low Price

thermpgraphy, thermal camera,infectious disease

Compact but high precision, high performance!

The thermography, infrared thermal camera P.D.CAM uses a built-in thermal image sensor (160 x 120 pix, * 80 x 60 pix) and a visible camera to capture thermal and natural images simultaneously. View captured video in real time using Wi-Fi or wired LAN by overlaying thermal and natural images on devices (various smartphones, tablets, personal computers) with a PDC viewer installed on the network.

By comparing the color of the color table assigned to the body temperature of the healthy person's cheek in advance with the temperature of the body in the subject taken with the thermal camera in the same environment, the software makes it easy for the person who is healthy and the one who is fevered can be identified.

The assignment of cheek temperature and color table for healthy people can be done with one touch (patent pending). Because of the thermal image and the natural image are superimposed, the edge of the human body and the shape of the object can be clearly distinguished.

At Where

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We are proud of the P.D.CAM's AI function that can detect suspected person with fever immediately.
Once it detect person with fever, staff can take care of them, like providing mask, suggestion to measure his temperature.

How to set

thermography, thermal camera at hospital

 At hospital or clinic
Because it is small and lightweight, it can be set simply by placing it on the counter!

thermography, thermal camera at clinic

 At hospital or clinic
Visitors can be monitored at all times.
When monitoring on a PC for Windows, it is possible to perform simultaneous monitoring while performing existing operations on the PC, so there is no problem with your business.

thermography, thermal camera at airport, station

 In the airports, stations and so on
In areas with large populations, detecting fever and taking precautionary measures before transmission can reduce the risk of pandemic spread.

thermography, infrared camera, thermal camera

 High performance but low price!
P.D.C Viewer is a software developed exclusively for detecting human body heat. Achieves high resolution and high accuracy with the AI function (Intelligence Adjust). Low price realized only by our own development! High performance!